Personal Protection Equipment / Harness


Straps intended for the individual protection of men

Our PPE straps are used to make safety harnesses, lifelines, energy absorbers or dissipators, reels, work positioning lanyards, climbing rings…; for professional, industrial or leisure use.

Our straps are compliant to meet EN 355, EN 361 and EN 358 standards.

Our harness straps are made from a high tenacity Polyester yarn and are available in the color of your choice. They can be used between -50 and +210°C.

Possibility of additional treatments: flame retardant, anti-water repellent, slippery, anti-UV, TEFLON…
Possibility of personalized marking with logo, in black or in color.

Need a custom harness strap? Samuel Roche offers you the possibility of developing your customized product. Contact us!


Generally 45mm wide and with a minimum resistance of 2T200, our harness straps are woven from Polyamide yarns or high tenacity Polyester yarns.
Our straps are dyed by a very efficient dyeing process to obtain an optimal quality. We produce the colors of your choice, including fluorescent ones.


Our straps for energy absorber or dissipator allow energy to be absorbed either by tearing or by elongation, while remaining below a maximum tearing force of 6KN.
We can adjust our straps according to your needs.


The lanyards allow people to move around when working at height while ensuring their safety in the event of a fall thanks to the energy dissipator.
We offer you the complete device or the straps that allow you to make them.