Samuel Roche manufactures a wide range of textile straps for the manufacture of lashing systems.

Our straps, usually fitted with turnbuckles and hooks (by our customers), can be used for:

Securement of heavy loads in road, sea or air transport
The securing of light loads in tourism and leisure, mainly
Curtain bottoms (road transport)
Swimming pool equipment
For securing marquees and tents in the entertainment sector (specific black strap).

Our tie-down straps are made from a high tenacity Polyester yarn and are available in different colours. We also offer fluorescent colors.
Standard elongation of lashing straps is 7% under 1/3 breaking load. We also manufacture lashing straps with 4% elongation under 1/3 breaking load.

Possibility of additional treatments: flame retardant, anti-water repellent, slippery, anti UV…
Possibility of personalized marking with logo, in black or in color.


Field of road, sea and air transport.
Straps for making securing systems (ratchet tensioner).
Our assembled straps meet the requirements of the EN12195-2 standard or an equivalent standard.


Straps for attaching tarpaulins or pool liners to the lashing pistons.
Straps for pool cover tensioners.


Straps for lashing systems and lifting slings, suitable for the entertainment world, mainly black in colour.


Tension straps (Bottom of Curtain) for all vehicles equipped with tarpaulins. Allows rapid covering and uncovering of vehicles
To be mounted on the stainless steel or steel tie-downs and fixings of the bottom of the curtain.