Single use endless slings, disposable slings / Reusable endless slings.

The sling can be used in the field of metal reinforcements, welded steel mesh, stainless steel tubes, copper; as well as for other handling.

Our endless slings (ring) are guaranteed to comply with the standards in force:

EN 1492-1 / 2000 for reusable slings
According to EN 1492-1 / 2000 standard for disposable slings.

As a French manufacturer of textile slings, Samuel Roche is able to make all lengths to measure to best meet your needs.

We also offer personalized slings with markings on the strap and/or on the labels.


Single-use sling: The words "do not reuse" are systematically written on the label. These products are manufactured and tested under the same conditions as reusable slings, according to standard EN 1492-1/2000. The color of the sling is white but markings of different colors can be offered.
Wide range of usable length available as standard.


Reusable sling: These slings comply with the EN 1492-1/2000 standard and therefore comply with the color codes (1 tonne purple, 2 tonnes green, etc.)
Wide range of usable length available as standard.