A bungee cord is an elastic cable that consists of a rubber core surrounded by braiding. It is often called a tensioner or expander.

Our rubber bands are generally used in the fields of arboriculture, for tarpaulins or swimming pool covers, in advertising banners…

They can be made from different materials: Polyester, Polyethylene, or Polyamide.

As a French manufacturer of rubber bands, Samuel Roche is able to design tailor-made products to meet your specific needs: diameter, color, elongation… Contact us!

We can mount our rubber bands with a wide range of hooks (steel, stainless steel, plastic-coated steel, plastic) as well as with balls, tilting ends, toggles, etc.


Polyester bungees.


Polyethylene rubber bands.


Mounting accessories:
Hooks steel, stainless steel, plastic, Ball, Tilting end, toggle, ...