Who are we ?


Samuel ROCHE is a family business rested by Mister Samuel ROCHE in Saint-Etienne, Loire. At the origin, manufacturer of silk ribbons, Samuel ROCHE gradually directed the development of his production toward the technical straps.

1910 - Logo Samuel Roche


Samuel ROCHE is to the first in Europe to use synthetic fibers.

1950 - Logo Samuel Roche


Besides the industrial straps, Samuel ROCHE starts to manufacture seat belt straps (spun dyed and thermofixed).

1969 - Logo Samuel Roche


Samuel ROCHE built a new production unit in Chambon Feugreolles, dedicated to the production of seat belt straps; Meanwhile, the company invested in a new dispersal dyeing machine, able to produce 12 million meters a year.

1996 - Logo Samuel Roche


Samuel ROCHE invests in 2 new dyeing machines and thus multiplies by 3 production capacity.


Closing of the Chambon Feugerolles production site. After being directed during 3 generations by Samuel ROCHE family, the company is directed by an executive board. It is a new departure with developments turned more and more toward the international one.

In JULY 2011 , launching of a new production unit in Tunisia (Bizerte) for weaving, dyeing, and production of single use slings.

In 2012, opening of a new production site in Tunisia (Tunis) for elastic braids manufacturing.

2012 - Logo Samuel Roche


Samuel ROCHE moves from its historical premises (street of Corre in Saint Etienne) to a more modern site and better adapted to the future challenges. 13500m2 of production area will permit Samuel ROCHE to double its production capacity.

Saint Etienne and its area are historically well-known like an important center of textile production in France, and our team is trained in order to produce high quality products.

«The history of Samuel ROCHE (1910-1990)»